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Cary Officials Shut Off Gas To Units Of Renovated Apartment Complex

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CARY, N.C. — Inspectors with town of Cary said an apartment complex skirted the rules during a recent renovation.

Town inspectors said the Cardinal Woods apartment complex did not get a building permit for recent renovations. Now, the town has found numerous problems, including gas fumes leaking out of some hot water heaters.

Gas service was shut off to at least 50 of the 160 units in the Cardinal Woods apartment complex Thursday evening.

Cary's building inspector said many hot water heaters were not properly installed. Officials ordered the service shut off until the problems can be fixed. Improper ventilation can cause gas fumes to leak.

"I was scared because I have an allergy and I saw what happened. My nose and eyes burn," said resident Maria Abdon.

The town said that its inspectors cannot fine Cardinal Woods, because Cary does not have authority of improper installation of utilities.

The town can only continue to keep track that repairs are made so that it is safe for the residents.

The town inspector said a subcontractor doing work at the apartment complex saw the problems and tipped them off.

Apartment managers would not comment on the matter.