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Marshall Responds To Hunt Endorsement Of Bowles

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RALEIGH — Secretary of State, Elaine F. Marshall, candidate for the U.S. Senate, released the following statement in response to the endorsement of her opponent, Erskine Bowles, by former Governor James B. Hunt, Jr.

"I respect former Governor Hunt, however, I am disappointed in his decision to get involved in the Democratic Primary for the U. S. Senate.

Governor Hunt once stated he believed his role in this primary was to be the healer of the Democratic Party; his announcement today does not show he is dedicated to that goal. I believe it is improper for Governor Hunt to become involved at this time.

It's a sad day when elections no longer belong to the people, but to Washington insiders and big corporate money. Enron has shown us that big money plays far too big a role in American politics. We have to make sure that our Senators and Representatives can not be bought. If they can, we can be sure they are not working for the people of North Carolina.

There is a clear choice in both the primary and the general election -- Big Money and Washington Insiders vs. the Voice of the People. The citizens of our state deserve a U.S. Senator in touch with their needs and I will be a strong voice in Washington for the people of North Carolina."

Elaine Marshall is currently serving her second term as North Carolina Secretary of State. Prior to her 1996 election she served in the North Carolina Senate where she earned "Rookie of the Year" for her outstanding work. Secretary Marshall holds a B.S. degree from the University of Maryland and is a graduate of the Campbell University School of Law.

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