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Owner Of Injured Dog Upset Over Impending Release Of Pit Bulls

Posted March 28, 2002 11:06 a.m. EST

— Two dogs accused of attacking a Chapel Hill woman and her dog earlier this week are currently being held in an Orange County Animal Shelter, but once their owner pays his fine, the dogs will return home. That news is not making the owner of the dog that was attacked very happy.

Dr. Kae Enright was walking her pug, Coco, in a Chapel Hill neighborhood last weekend when both were attacked by two pit bulls. Enright suffered cuts on her hand while Coco was treated for several serious puncture wounds on his shoulders and chest.

Enright said her dog is still having trouble recovering from his injuries.

"He is not himself, and to see him all bandaged and mostly the vacant stare and fear he has on his face. It is very hard to leave him," Enright said.

The two pit bulls that attacked Enright and her dog are still at the animal shelter under quarantine. The two dogs, owned by Ralph Logner, slipped through a loose board on a fence and were running loose when the attack occurred.

Logner has repaired his fence and will be allowed to bring his pets home after he pays a $50 fine for violating Orange County's leash law.

"If they do get back out and cause any harm to another animal or threaten anybody, then we can seize them permanently," Laura Walters of the Animal Protection Society said.

Enright said the punishment amounts to a slap on the wrist.

"You would think that a public agency would protect you. That is what it is there for. Well, that is not the case," Enright said.

"I can only go by what I've seen my animals do, and I've never seen them act in that manner toward anybody," Logner said."

Logner's grandmother said that she was also shocked that the pit bulls hurt someone. She described the dogs as being very sweet and lovable.