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Persistence Pays Off For Raleigh Man With PDA Problems

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Personal digital assitants, or PDAs, keep track of addresses and finances and some even play music. Most people who use the hand-held devices to store information swear by them.

"They're actually quite easy to use," said Jeff Puncher.

Puncher relies on his PDA, so when it stopped working just 10 months after he paid $530 for it, he wanted it fixed right away.

The PDA was under warranty, so he sent it to Casio's repair center in New Jersey. Casio could not find the problem, so it replaced a main board. A month later, Puncher got it back, reprogrammed it and loaded his files.

"It worked great for two weeks," he said. "Then one morning after I'd unplugged it from charging overnight, got to work, and turned it on, nothing happened. It seemed to have the same problem it had the last time. I just turned around and said 'Oh no. Here we go again.'"

Puncher sent it back to the repair center and got it back a month later. The device worked for just one day.

"I was just furious at this point," he said.

Puncher sent the PDA back a third time and called Casio weeks later. He said that no one could tell him anything and a supervisor did not return his message.

"I'm extremely disappointed, very frustrated and extremely angry," he said.

Puncher called Five on Your Side, which called Casio.

The repair center manager told Five On Your Side that they simply could not find anything wrong with Puncher's PDA. The manager then immediately sent him a brand-new device.

"I felt a small victory had been achieved. I finally got a new one that I would hope would work," Puncher said.

So far, Puncher said the PDA is working just fine.

At one point, Puncher said that he thought about giving up and buying a new PDA, but it became a matter of principle. Luckily, his persistence paid off.


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