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Owner Of Pit Bulls Turns In Dogs After Attack In Chapel Hill

Posted March 26, 2002 9:12 a.m. EST

— The owner of two pit bulls that bit a woman and viciously attacked her dog has turned the animals in to the Orange County Animal Protection Society Monday evening.

The dogs were running loose Sunday evening when they attacked an 18-pound pug. His owner was bitten once on the hand when she tried to separate the dogs.

Animal Control officials said the woman was walking her dog in the Kirkwood subdivision in Chapel Hill Sunday evening when two 50-pound pit bulls came toward them. The dogs attacked the woman's dog, and ran off. They later returned and attacked her, biting her hand and arm.

"He had puncture wounds everywhere, blood everywhere, a big tear in his skin. He was gasping for breath and just in shock," she said.

The pug is being treated at N.C. State's Veterinary School.

Animal control officers say they picked up the pit bulls once before for running loose. The pit bulls could be permanently taken away from owner Ralph Logner. Logner could also face charges for violating Orange County's leash law.

"Any owner of any dog, whether it be a pit bull or chihuahua, is responsible for the damage that that dog may do to a person or other property," Laura Walters of the Animal Protection Society said.

"You have a right as a dog owner to own a dog," Walters said. "But you also have a responsibility to ensure that your neighbors are safe, and the property of your neighbors is safe."

The dogs will be quarantined for 10 days and be declared vicious. The animal shelter can then take control of the dogs from the owner.

Officials say that if you are confronted by an aggressive dog, do not run or scream. You should try to stand still with your arms at your side. It is also important to not make eye contact or speak to the dog.