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Man Turns Himself In For Questioning In Shooting Of Two Fayetteville Police Officers

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FAYETTEVILLE, NC — A suspect wanted for questioning after two Fayetteville Police officers were shot Tuesday night turned himself into police Thursday. Police are still searching for another man who may have been involved in the shooting.

Marcus Young is speaking with detectives about what he may know about the shootings of Officers Kemberle Braden and Ron Campbell. Officers say another man, Nathaniel Hill, is wanted for questioning.

After getting a tip about drug activity, a five-member police team came to search a house at 5016 Collins Street early Wednesday morning. During the search, police say people in another room started shooting.

Braden was shot in the stomach and arm. Campbell was hit in the leg by a bullet that ricocheted.

Braden is listed in stable condition at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. Campbell was treated and released from the hospital.

Three people who were in the house are now in custody. Reginald Hudson, 45, and Keith Holt, 45, were charged with drug offenses. A 15-year-old was taken into custody and is pending charges for narcotics.

At least one weapon and some drugs were taken from the Collins Street residence, and police continue to collect evidence from the scene.

Earlier in the day, SBI agents went door to door in the Bonnie Doone neighborhood where the incident occurred.

The Bonnie Doone neighborhood has long been a trouble spot in Fayetteville, but police say the neighborhood's strong community watch programs have also had an impact on crime.

Retha Jones has lived in Bonnie Doone for 60 years. She says the neighborhood will always be her home.

"I don't have any regrets to leave or move until the Lord moves me," she said.

Recent information suggests the situation is improving in the Bonnie Doone neighborhood and other areas of Fayetteville.

In February, WRAL downloaded three years' worth of data provided by the Fayetteville Police Department on crimes reported from 1999-2001.

The Fayetteville crime locations were then transferred into Microsoft mapping software. All of the reported incidents were color-coded: personal robberies in red; burglaries (residential break-ins) in yellow.

Former Cumberland County sheriff's deputy Jim Henley now works as a private detective and helped WRAL analyze the map.

Henley says areas along Campbell Street, downtown and the Bonnie Doone area show high concentrations of crime, but he believes they are vastly improved from years past.

"Along with the community policing, Bonnie Doone has seen a very active community watch program that's worked very well with police," Henley said.

However, there are gaps in the program.

"You probably have more problems at nighttime than you do during the day, because the community policing more or less pulls out when the sun goes down," Henley said.

Because WRAL tracked three years' worth of crime reports, ending in 2001, certain trends or improvements may not appear in the analysis.

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