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Pet Owners Hope To See Changes In City Park

Posted March 20, 2002 6:48 a.m. EST

— A city park could be in for some changes if dog owners have their way.

The Millbrook Exchange Park is a popular place for dog owners to unleash their their pets and let them run free, which violates a city ordinance that requires dogs be kept on a leash.

Pet owners now want to change the park's master plan to include a dog park. However, park neighbors who showed up at Monday's public meeting were worried about noise and the number of dogs.

"People learn a lot from each other about taking care of their dogs and about good programs for the dogs, and they enjoy the opportunity to be with a group of people playing with their pets," dog park committee chair Jan Kirschbaum said.

The parks and recreation committee will use the feedback from Monday's meeting to brief city council members.