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Recorded Message Mistakenly Tells Students To Attend Saturday Detention

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MOORE COUNTY, N.C. — A recorded message from

Pinecrest High School

in Moore County took 200 parents and kids by complete surprise.

Last Monday, a computer sent a recorded message to about 200 parents whose children attend Pinecrest. The message told students to report to school on Saturday for detention, even though the students knew that they were not in trouble.

"The message literally said that your child will be serving detention this Saturday, and it gives the times, so it got people's attention," Moore County spokeswoman Anita Alpenfels said.

The message got Lynne Pfifer's attention, as well as her son's.

"He said, 'I didn't do anything,'" Pfifer said.

Even school secretary Jackie Headen received the recorded message.

"I knew it was a mistake," she said.

The computer glitch was fixed, and no one showed up for Saturday detention who was not supposed to be there.