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Health Experts Claim Soy Works Wonders As Skin Cream

Posted March 13, 2002 6:06 a.m. EST

— Experts have known for years that soy helps prevent heart disease and certain kinds of cancer, but now scientists have taken soybeans and turned them into total soy complex, a new type of skin cream.

Research shows that soy complex helps reduce redness and spots caused by discolored skin. It appears to work on different skin types, even darker skin which is harder to treat.

Soy also provides antioxidant protection, which helps reinforce the skin's ability to maintain the proper amount of moisture.

"We now have evidence that total soy complex is one of the few proven technologies that is able to moisturize dry areas of the skin as well as reduce oil in other areas," dermatologist Dr. Jeannette Graf said.

When used daily, 70 percent of people involved in the studies noticed improvement in their skin tone and color. Products containing total soy complex should arrive on store shelves by the end of the month.