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Public Safety Officials In N.C. Claim Warning System Will Be Big Improvement

Posted March 13, 2002 10:48 a.m. EST

— Public safety officials in North Carolina say a new warning system will be a big improvement.

There is a new way to issue terror alerts across the country, based on color. According to the new alert system:

  • Green is the lowest level, calling for agencies to assess facilities.
  • Blue is a general risk. Emergency response procedures need to be reviewed and updated.
  • Yellow means there is a significant threat.
  • Orange signifies a high risk and calls for the government, armed forces and law enforcement to coordinate security efforts.
  • Red means a severe risk, calling for the closure of government and public facilities and monitoring of transportation systems.
  • Local police and firefighters would be among the first to find out about potential threats. They could advise residents about how serious the risk is, and how to prepare for it.

    The information could be about a specific state, city or business.

    "Whether it's low or severe, one through five, green through red, but also here are specific measures you should take at this level," said Sec. Bryan Beatty of the Crime Control and Public Safety Department.

    State and local governments will have 45 days to offer their input about the new warning system.