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Raleigh Firefighters Discuss CBS Documentary About WTC Terrorist Attacks

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Some of Raleigh's most-experienced firefighters watched excerpts from the CBS documentary, "9/11" on Monday. They said that watching the expressions on the faces of New York's firefighters told the story.

Raleigh firefighter Michael Murray said the call to the World Trade Center was going to be a tough job, with the outcome being nothing they could have trained or prepared for.

"Being inside, being able to watch them in command and see what they were doing, it showed a whole different perspective than what you saw on the news," he said.

"They thought they were going in to do a job and had their work cut out for them, but what happened with the buildings coming down was never expected, never even in their thoughts," Lt. Dan Haines of the Raleigh Fire Department said.

In the documentary, there was no talk of quitting and no running for cover by the firefighters.

"That's something you find in all firefighters. There is a close bond among us because we all do the same thing," Raleigh Fire Capt. Peter Brock said. "It doesn't matter if we are here in Raleigh or in New York City or in Europe or England. We all do the same thing. We are very conscious of what each of us do."

The firefighters said they appreciated the realism of the documentary.


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