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Watch The Championship Game On WRAL

Posted April 1, 2002 6:39 a.m. EST

— March Madness is almost over, and WRAL continues to bring you the action.

WRAL-TV 5 brings viewers the same coverage of the NCAA tournament that you have watched in the past. WRAL Digital just gives you a bit extra!

If you subscribe to

Time Warner Digital



have an HDTV, you can experience total March Madness through



WRAL Digital

is splitting its signal, or "multicasting,"


the games offered by



  • If you are a Time Warner Digital Cable subscriber, tune in to channels 257, 258 and 259 for all the games of the NCAA tournament.
  • Not a digital cable subscriber? If you have a viewing system that receives WRAL Digital channel 53 over the air, you will find the games on 53.1, 53.3 and 53.4.