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Medical Examiner: 'High Level Of Confidence' Body Found In Well Is Amanda Simpson-Deane

Posted March 4, 2002 3:02 a.m. EST

— The medical examiner report of a body found in a well in rural Nash County will not be completed until Monday, but the medical examiner believes the remains may be those of Amanda Simpson-Deane, the Cary teenager who has been missing for 18 months.

Dr. Louis Levy, the medical examiner in Nash County, told WRAL that he "has a high level of confidence" that the remains found at the well are those of Deane. Levy said before he is 100 percent sure, he needs more recent dental records. If he does not have those, he said DNA will be the final determination.

The Cary Police Department, and officials assisting with its investigation of a missing teenager, concluded the recovery of the remains Friday. Crews used pumps to remove the remaining 18 feet of water from the well and to search for the rest of the body's remains and any additional evidence.

By 1 p.m., they said they found what they came for.

"What we were looking for was something to identify her as quickly as possible," said Sgt. Randall Swallow of the Cary Police Department. "We believe we have, and we are looking at dental records which is how we would identify her."

Cary police investigators accompanied Levy to Nash County General Hospital, where Levy began his evaluation and identification of the remains.

Meanwhile, the Cary Police Department said it has officers out in the field talking to a number of people who saw Amanda before her disppearance. One of those people is Jevon Ward, 23, who is currently jailed in the federal prison at Butner.

Ward, who is considered a material witness, was arrested in Raleigh on Jan. 15 after allegedly assaulting a police officer, carjacking two vehicles and then leading authorities on a high-speed chase.

Detectives link Ward to the Simpson-Deane case in at least two ways: He was convicted of burning a car and barn near the site of the well in Nash County around the same time Amanda disappeared. Police said Ward had a relationship with Amanda and was one of the last people seen with her.

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