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UNC Researchers Discover Dinosaur Fossil

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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — A piece of prehistoric life is slowly coming to the surface in the Triangle. Researchers at the University of North Carolina presented their rare find, a 10-foot rauisuchian, Wednesday in Chapel Hill.

Students first found an ankle eight years ago, now most of the skeleton has been reconstructed. They believe the alligator-like reptile was from 220 million years ago.

Project leader Dr. Joseph Carter and his students found not one, but a zoo of animals in one place.

"This was not just one instance of amazement of discovery. It was this unfolding Christmas present with all sorts of new things popping up," he said.

Experts said the rauisuchian died on a full stomach. Four animals were found inside it, and it died after attacking another.

"It was evidently strong enough to bite its last meal, but not strong enough to survive to eat it," Carter said.

You can learn more about the find at the

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences



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