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Shaw University Offers Accredited Kinesiotherapy Program

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A local school has a unique program to help people get moving again.

Shaw University

is the only school in the state with an accredited kinesiotherapy program.

Basketball is all about movement. Movement is also the backbone of Shaw University's kinesiotherapy program. Kinesiotherapists use therapeutic exercise to treat injuries, diseases and muscle disorders.

"It's strictly exercise. The person when they're active, they're doing more to help themselves than if they're letting equipment or machines do the work for them," said Dr. Bennett Edwards, professor of kinesiotherapy for the university.

Kinesiotherapy was first used during World War II to treat injured soldiers.

"A lot of them were amputees. A lot of them were people who had musculoskeletal disorders and trauma," Edwards said.

The program at Shaw University has expanded over the years to deal with a variety of ailments, like "stroke patients, spinal cord injuries, spina bifida with children, cerebral palsy with children," Edwards said.

Students take what they learn in class and put it to practice with hands-on therapy in the clinic. Kimberly Lindley, who is double majoring in kinesiotherapy and athletic training, said although the work is hard, she credited her professors for pushing her to keep going.

"It's a very tough program. With those types of teachers behind you, it makes it worthwhile," she said. "It's so broad you always get a rewarding experience from it."

The training for the program is intense. With just three extra classes, students can apply for medical school.