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More People Opting For Broadband Internet Access

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RALEIGH, N.C. — More than half of Americans are now surfing the Internet. As a result, more people are opting for broadband or high-speed Internet access.

AOL spokeswoman and author of

"Wired in a Week"

Regina Lewis said cable and DSL Internet access will open users to the real opportunities of the Internet -- speedy information.

"The day people switch from narrowband to broadband, they're instantly more productive. They spend 23 percent more time online and go to 130 percent more pages. Why? Because they're loading faster," she said.

With broadband service, everything including e-mail, music or video downloads and game play are faster. If you do not want to have to change screen names and e-mail addresses, do not decide on a broadband service quickly.

"A good tip is start with your existing ISP and see what their high-speed offerings are, so you don't have to change anything," Lewis said.

Lewis said another tip is to check with your friends to see what they use. Ask if they have had problems.

"High-speed is an interesting one in terms of getting advice from your friends. I think it's really about to go mainstream," she said.

Where you live may determine whether you use cable modem, digital subscriber line or satellite service. The cost of high-speed Internet service is roughly double that of dial-up service.

Experts said the move to broadband Internet access has slowed in recent months, possibly due to the economy. However, companies are offering access to more areas and subscriptions are expected to grow.


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