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Raleigh Man Rescues Man From Fiery Wreck On I-95

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Bill Willis of Raleigh had a lot to tell his wife after he drove home on Interstate 95 Wednesday from Washington, D.C.

"'You're never going to believe what just happened' I think is what I said," he said.

Along I-95, an elderly man lost control and hit a pickup truck. The pickup truck flipped several times and then caught fire.

"Over the cars in front of you, you see this truck fly up in the air," Willis said.

Many of the cars stopped, except for Willis who made his way to the burning truck. Another person had already dialed 911, but there was a man trapped inside.

"His hair was on fire. His shirt was burning," Willis said.

Willis also heard the man yelling that he could not get out.

"He stuck his hands outside the window and I grabbed his arms and pulled him out," he said. "He was like, 'Thanks, man.'"

Willis insists that what he did was not a big deal.

"It's much easier to singe a few hairs or something like that than deal with the image of someone dying in that way," he said.

The man in the burning truck was airlifted to Washington Hospital Center. He remains at the burn unit in critical condition.