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UNC Patient Simulator Gives Nurses Real-Life Training

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Stan Patient
CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Stan Mann is not having a good week. Recently, he had heart failure. Earlier in the week, he had a collapsed lung. However, Stan is not your typical patient.

Stan is a high-tech mannequin that breathes, blinks and can have just about any medical problem you can imagine.

Stan and his junior pal, Kenny, call the

UNC School of Nursing

home. Nursing students can check Stan's pulse and monitor his heart rate.

"He actually does breathe and he breathes real room air," said professor Dr. Carol Fowler-Durham. "They love him. They're just really wowed by him." It is just like working on a real patient. Students can also learn from their mistakes.

"We can actually let the student go ahead and do that on Stan even though we know it's not the best intervention, then the students can see the consequences of that intervention," Fowler-Durham said.

If Stan flatlines, he can even be shocked back to life. Stan the Mann's full name is Standard Mannequin. UNC is the second nursing school in the country to have its own patient simulator.


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