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Parking Signs At RDU International Causing Confusion For Travelers

Posted February 12, 2002 4:32 a.m. EST

— Raleigh-Durham International

is one of the fastest growing airports in the country. One of the fastest growing complaints from travelers is airport parking. Many travelers claim that the toughest part of their trip is finding the right parking lot.

Some signs at the airport flash and tell you to go to one lot while others tell a different story. Some signs even direct you to parking lots that are either closed or under construction.

Officials with the airport authority said they feel your pain.

"It can be confusing if you don't know what sign to look for and that's why we've placed these signs strategically, but it's good to get the word out there to just keep your eyes open and see those electronic signs that will tell you when you need to go," RDU spokeswoman Mindy Hamlin said.

RDU International will have 6,150 new parking spaces by November 2003. During construction, the number of signs at the airport is sure to increase.

Airport officials are asking travelers to pay close attention to the electronic message signs. Officials said those signs are closely monitored and constantly updated with new information.

The Airport Authority said the best way to avoid all travel trouble is to arrive at least two hours before your flight.