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City Of Fayetteville Seeks Theme Song

Posted February 6, 2002 8:54 a.m. EST

— Musicians in Fayetteville could soon get their big break.

Mayor Marshall B. Pitts Jr. is looking for a city song to help build local pride.

Songwriters will have 90 days to submit original ideas to the city council. All types of music are welcome.

Musician Corky Jones said that he is willing to give the contest a try.

"I think every hometown should have a song they can call their own, something that can make them feel good about where they live," Jones said.

"We're determined to enhance our image and make it more positive, so people can really know what Fayetteville is all about," Pitts said.

The hardest part could be coming up with a word that rhymes with Fayetteville.

The city song will be performed at major events like the International Folk Festival and the 2003 Festival of Flight.