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Wake County To Beef Up Security Presence In Schools

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WAKE COUNTY, N.C. — Wake County has been awarded a grant to increase security at some middle schools, which means more eyes will be on the lookout for trouble.

Deputy Dan Holder is the school resource officer for two schools in Wake County. He watches over Durant Middle School for half of the day and West Millbrook Middle for the other half. While he believes his presence is a big positive, it would be better if he could spend the whole day at Durant Middle School.

"It has its good and bad days. Some days, I would love to be at one school more. If there is something going on like Career Day, I try to be here longer. But it does get frustrating to leave and then go to another school," he said.

The Wake County Sheriff's Office has received approval for a $2 million grant that will mean one officer for each middle school in Wake County.

"I think it is wonderful because they are available and always walking around," parent Sandra Smith said.

The Wake County Sheriff's Office currently watches over 15 middle schools with eight officers.