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Taxpayers Can Choose To File Taxes Electronically

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Whether you are getting a refund from Uncle Sam or not, it is time to start thinking about taxes. Taxpayers may choose to file their taxes electronically instead of going the paper route.

State Revenue Secretary Norris Tolson said electronic filing is far better than filing paper.

"The federal and state electronic filing program is one of the best services available. It not only helps taxpayers get their refunds quickly, but it helps them make sure that their returns are accurate," he said.

Among the benefits of electronic filing:

  • Fast Refunds: receiving your refund in half the time, even faster and safer with direct deposit
  • Security: your tax information is safely transmitted over phone lines and you get proof of acceptance
  • Accuracy: the computer does all the math
  • Convenience: you can file whenever you are ready
  • Valerie Thornton of the Internal Revenue Service said electronic filing is as easy as it sounds.

    "In fact, I've had any number of people tell me they've tried it for the first time and have been surprised with both the speed and the ease, which they've been able to work through the program," she said.

    Electronically-filed returns requesting a refund are processed within four weeks, which is typically faster than traditional paper returns. You can also request direct deposit.

    If you owe the state money, file your return early and pay later (before April 15) with your credit card or mail them a check.


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