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Exercise Program Gets New Moms In Motion

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DURHAM, N.C. — For many women, weight gain and weight loss are concerns before and after pregnancy.The

Duke Center for Living

offers a new exercise program designed for new moms and their babies.

According to instructor Anne Kenyon, the primary focus of the "Moms In Motion" exercise program is to tone and tighten the abdominals, arms, legs and pelvic area.

"[The pelvic area is] an area that you can't really see, but it is an important part of recovering after you've been pregnant," Kenyon said.

Babies are not just welcome in the class-- they are a must.

Kenyon said that it is more convenient for moms to bring babies along, and it also helps them understand that they can do the exercises at home.

Jogging with a baby stroller, kiddie crunches and curls are all part of the workout.

With a 7-week-old baby, Brenda Mason enjoys getting out of her house and meeting other moms.

"We each talk to each other about what our child is doing and how much sleep we are or are not getting," she said.

Mason said that she also likes knowing that she is getting herself and baby Jenna off to a healthy start.

"It really lifts your spirits to know you've gotten out and done something that's really good for you," she said.

Most doctors give moms the OK for exercise around six weeks after delivery. Classes cost $30 for six sessions, or $6 per session.

For more information on Moms in Motion pre- and post-natal classes, call the Duke Center for Living at (919) 660-6600.