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Wake County Installs Web Filters On Library Computers

Posted February 4, 2002 8:51 a.m. EST

— The World Wide Web is a valuable tool for children who want to learn, but it can also get them into a lot of trouble.

Recognizing this, the

North Carolina General Assembly

passed a law during its last session putting limits on what children can access when they use public computers.

The law takes effect in July, but Wake County has already installed Web filtering software, called Websense, on all of its computers in

public libraries


"I think we're all a little uneasy about it, because as a profession, we believe in access to information and an individual's right to choose the information they need. But on the other hand, we also abide by the law," said Dale Cousins, regional library supervisor.

Unlike many other Web filtering programs, Wake County said that the one it uses in its libraries can amend which Web sites get blocked, and which ones do not.