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Wayne County Boy Who Fell Into Icy Creek Released From Hospital

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WAYNE COUNTY, N.C. — A Wayne County family is together again, three weeks after two children fell into an icy creek. T.J. Atkinson was released from the hospital on Friday. His younger sister got out of the hospital last month.

T.J. does not talk a lot, but he is thinking about what he will do when he gets home.

"Play basketball. That's it," he said.

T.J., his 3-year-old sister Kiana, and their cousin accidently fell into a Wayne County creek while playing in the snow. Neighbor David Chandler heard their cries, jumped in and pulled Kiana out.

"I'm really grateful and I thank the Lord that he was there. I appreciate that he went in and got Kiana out, and he went back in to get T.J.," said Mary Atkinson, T.J. and Kiana's mother.

T.J. spent 15 minutes in freezing water under a sheet of ice. Kiana went home earlier this month. Now, Kiana's big brother is coming home.

"We are very blessed. We have been feeling that way for quite a few weeks because all the news has been pretty good," said Kimberly Davis, T.J.'s aunt.

It has been good lately, but early on, T.J.'s family was not sure what to think. His parents and other family members said good medical care and prayer pulled him through.

"We've done a lot of praying and a lot of people that we don't even know have done a lot of praying. We appreciate it. The first couple of days, we didn't really know what the outcome was going to be, but it all turned out wonderfully. They're both miracles," Davis said.

T.J. has to come back to the hospital for some more rehabiliation, but he is doing fine. The family said their first priority will be going to church this Sunday.


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