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Hometown Hello: French-sounding towns

WRAL's "Hometown Hello" visits North Carolina towns and cities with French-sounding names.

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This city is named for the French warrior Marquis de Lafayette, who helped the American colonists win the Revolutionary War. Lafayette visited Fayetteville in 1825, and the state Legislature met there in 1786. Today, Fayetteville's sister city is Saint Avold in France.


The Franklin County town is named for the French King Louis XVI. It was settled during the Revolutionary War. Today, it's home to Louisburg College.

La Grange

This Lenoir County town is named for the French estate of the Revolutionary Wary hero, Marquis de Lafayette. It has a population of 2,757 and is part of the Inner Banks region.


This Wake County town was named for the Fuquay family settlers. Varina was added to the name later. It's known for mineral springs and has a population of 18,000.

Cape Carteret

This fishing village lies on the Bogue Sound in southwest Carteret County. It was incorporated in 1959.

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