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Cary Company Provides Air Travelers With News On Flight Delays

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CARY, N.C. — Increased airline security measures mean longer lines at some of our nation's airports, but passengers can get crucial information about flight schedules with the help of some new technology.

Peter Heffring's Cary-based company, Teradata, introduced a technology just a few weeks ago that is allowing some air travelers to avoid delays.

"They're trying to focus on if a delay occurs what can they do to relieve the stress of the customer," Heffring said. "Now loyal customers can subscribe to a service where they will be called on their cell phone or paged or faxed or whatever and then told of a delay."

Delays have almost always been at the top of the complaint list when it comes to airline customer satisfaction. Only one airline is using Teradata's technology right now, but Heffring thinks it is so valuable others will catch on.

"A rule could be, if the flight is delayed an hour, then there's a certain action you get. The hour delay may be that they are going to go and look for other airlines or flights to put you on," Heffring said. "If it's only delayed 15 minutes, they may be able to have you just wait in the club lounge."


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