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Cary Parents Protest School Reassignment Plan

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CARY, N.C. — The latest Wake County school reassignment plan has a lot of parents angry. Hundreds of parents in Cary are trying to do something about it.

On Sunday, 238 people showed up to protest part of the reassignment plan that could send some students at Cary High School to Athens Drive High School in Raleigh.

"We're here to support Cary High School and to support our students to be able to go to Cary High School," parent Laura Summe said.

Some protesters donned school colors and signs; others came with children in tow. By mid-afternoon, a procession of parents and their kids dotted Cary sidewalks, all in an effort to make a statement.

"We will literally drive directly past this high school to get on Interstate 40 to get to Athens," parent Jim Huerth said.

Parents said that taking their children out of Cary H.S. and moving them to Athens Drive is not the answer to overcrowding.

"We're only a couple of miles away," Summe said. "Some of these kids, as you can see by our walk, are less than a mile away from the high school, you know? For some it's up to 10 miles away depending on which route you take. It's a huge difference."

Other parents are concerned about the headaches they will face if siblings end up going to different schools.

"I have a rising senior at Cary High School and also a freshman at Cary High School. I would like my son at the same school as my daughter in two years," parent Steve McDowell said.

Despite the different concerns, each family said that they showed up to help pave a better path for future Cary High School students.

On Tuesday, administrators will meet with the Wake County school board to discuss overcrowding. The parents wrote up their own proposal and hope that some of their suggestions will be used.

Just like the turnout for their march, organizers hope to have a strong showing at the board meeting.


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