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Triangle Drivers Slowed By Road Repairs

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DURHAM COUNTY — Even though the snow has melted, clean-up efforts continue to slow down drivers across the Triangle.

Removing snow damages the road. Fixing the damage takes time, and doing so could add some time to the daily drive.

The snowplows do a real number on road reflectors and lane markings. Add the lack of both to a construction zone and drivers face a safety issue that the DOT says needs attention right away.

"On I-85, we do have traffic shifted to the outside on southbound 85, and the pavement markings make it clearer to the motorists traveling through the work zone exactly which direction they need to go. So, we thought it was very important they be replaced as quickly as possible," said Michelle Long, DOT resident engineer.

The DOT said that this time of year gives them no choice as to when they are able to re-attach reflectors or paint the pavement.

"In the wintertime, we have to do them during the daytime because of temperature restrictions. Usually, we try not to shut down lanes on 85 or 40 because of the heavy volumes of traffic. We usually do the work at night," Long said.

The DOT says the snow-related road repairs will not put an extra strain on taxpayers. Funds for the fix-ups come from the road maintenance budget.