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Pothole Problems Popping Up Across Triangle

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RALEIGH, N.C. — After any major snowfall, a new problem pops up: potholes. Moisture combines with a cycle of freezing and thawing to create the craters. However, city crews are out hoping to fix the problem.

Raleigh's street superintendent Mac Jones says he has devoted two crews to pothole repair. They will start by fixing major thoroughfares, then take care of bus routes.

Capital Boulevard in Wake County received one of the first loads of asphalt from Raleigh city crews. The pothole fillers are picking up where the big snow left off.

"They put everybody on the scramble because we need to fill these potholes. We have to get the streets ready to ride," said pothole filler Joe Yarborough.

To report a pothole in Raleigh, call the Raleigh streets department at 831-6446.

"We try to patch them within 24 hours," Jones says. "And if we are notified by 1:00, we try to do them on the same day."

If you live outside Raleigh and you would like to report a pothole, contact your city or town's street maintenance department or the DOT Resident Engineer's Office or the DOT Maintenance office.


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