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Teachers Sensitive To Students Of Deployed Parents

Posted January 9, 2002 8:18 a.m. EST

— Seymour Johnson airmen are overseas, taking part in the war on terrorism and patrolling the skies of Iraq. Deployments can be tough on military families -- especially children.

The deployments mean extra work for teachers in Wayne County, especially at Meadow Lane Elementary, where 60 percent of students are in Air Force families.

Teachers say it is critical they listen to the children who may need to talk about their mom or dad being away for a while.

"Some of the fathers have already been to me and said that they are leaving and for us to be alert to their children, to notice any signs that may be different," teacher Del Daniels said.

Because of the new Air Force structure, this is Seymour Johnson's first deployment in a couple of years. For many children, this is their first deployment experience.