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Durham Job Fair Attracts Thousands

Posted January 8, 2002 7:19 a.m. EST

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Streets at Southpoint

mall is not open yet, but it is already having a big impact on the local economy.

Tuesday, the mall held a job fair in order to help fill as many as 3,500 jobs. More than 70 companies were represented at the event held at the Sheraton Imperial.

When the doors opened at 10 a.m., more than 100 people were already lined up outside.

With briefcases in hand and plenty of resumes to pass around, several thousand job seekers made their way through the maze of booths.

Many people got a chance to talk to potential employers about their qualifications in hopes of landing a job.

State unemployment rates are at the highest levels in years, and with so many layoffs recently, people like Judy Thomas think the job fair may be their best bet at finding employment.

"I'm hoping I can get some leads and do a little networking while I'm out here," she said.

The jobs being offered range from retail to custodial. People out of a job or those just looking for a new one say that the chance to pick and choose is a welcome change.

Mall merchants want new employees on board before the mall's grand opening on March 8.