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NYC Couple Completes Millennium Adventure

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ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. — A New York couple with a Rocky Mount connection is completing a three-year trip around the world in one of the wildest cars ever built.

Not many people can do what Paige Parker and Jim Rogers have done. They traveled to 116 countries in three years and logged more than 150,000 miles. They began their Millennium Adventure in December 1999.

"We wanted to see the world at the turn of the millennium, to learn as much as we could about our world at this particular time in history, and we wanted to have fun," said Rogers.


Web site

tells the whole story with hundreds of pictures, articles and video from virtually every place they visited. The car that they used is a combination of a Mercedes and SUV, equipped with a special trailer for their tent, water and extra diesel fuel.

"We wanted to go around the world in a sports car, but you have to have four-wheel drive and you have to have clearance, so we had to make a four-wheel drive sports car," Rogers said.

Parker, who is from Rocky Mount, said she thinks education is the answer to most of the world's problems.

"I think that people around the world need to believe in something. I've seen that, whether it be God, or parents or government, but people need to have faith in something," she said.

Parker and Rogers hope their Web site will drive people to travel and to leave home to gain a better view of the world and more appreciation for home. They were married on the trip and are on their way home to New York City.


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