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Schools Open Late As Some Storm Remnants Remain

Posted January 8, 2002 2:07 a.m. EST

— Snow and ice that melted Monday has frozen again overnight, causing slick roads or black ice for morning commuters and schoolbuses.

A number of schools, including Wake County's, opened on a delay

to give roads time to warm up. But there were no reports of accidents Tuesday morning.

Monday morning, black ice was responsible for numerous accidents around the Triangle.

Highway Patrol reported several incidents around Wake County due to the slick, icy roads. DOT maintenance engineer Jerry Linder reported that one of the trucks being used to help clear the roads was involved in an accident.

The truck was clearing the roads in a subdivision near Holly Springs Road when it flipped over into a ditch. Other crews had to be called to get the truck out.

Motorists, for the most part, seem to be heeding the advice of highway patrol officials about taking it slowly on the roads.

"A lot of the lanes where you are merging or turning off, there is ice built up in the median, so you want to make sure to leave plenty of time to change lanes," said motorist Leander Alonzo.

Department of Transportation crews are still working to clear roads that prevented schools in Wake, Chatham and several other local counties from opening Monday.