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Ice Dams Can Hurt Your Roof, Wallet

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RALEIGH, N.C. — For those stuck at home, the snow has been nothing but fun, but it could be dangerous sitting on top of your roof. Ice dams can hurt your roof and your wallet.

Snow-capped rooftops are easy on the eyes, but if it has the makings of an ice dam, it can be hard on the wallet. As heavy snow melts and refreezes, it can accumulate as ice near the edges around the gutters, forming a dam. With no outlet, the melting ice can back up underneath your shingles and drip into your house.

Kristine Lanning knows about the problems with ice dams firsthand. She dealt with the problem two years ago at her home.

"Water was pouring out of the chandelier. It was like a sprinkler system," she said. "It was just unbelievable with all of this water pouring in."

Roofer Don Scro said ice dams are not a huge problem, but they can happen. He says an ice and water shield is an option for homeowners replacing a roof, but for others, it could be a do-it-yourself project.

"It's not recommended to go up on the roof, but you can get a ladder up there and chip away the ice out of the gutter," he said.

Ice dams could affect some homeowners over the next few days as the snow melts. If you think this is happening, you should call a roofer to check it out. Roofers also say additional insulation could help.


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