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Trash Piles In Fayetteville Starting To Rival Snow Piles

Posted January 7, 2002 2:11 a.m. EST

— Garbage piles are starting to rival snow piles in Fayetteville, but relief is on the way.

Whether it is on the roadways or the driveways, people in Fayetteville are slowly digging themselves out of the winter storm, but there is another thing some people have had enough of -- overstuffed trash cans.

"We've missed Thursday and Friday and our residents are ready. Their trash is starting to pick up out there," said Fayetteville Mayor Marshall Pitts.

Because of the slick and slippery road conditions, the city decided to postpone trash pickup for the past two days. Lorrie Short's trash day was supposed to be Friday.

"I think we're going to pull it (the trash) back in for the night, so it doesn't get toppled over during the night," she said.

Homeowners eager to rid their yards of overflowing trash can rest easy. Trash pickup resumes Saturday.

"We hope tomorrow will be significantly warmer. We hope that the thaw will occur rapidly, so that's why we'll go the Saturday routes to get us caught back up," said Pitts.

The trash pickup on Saturday will first focus on the missed routes from Thursday, then the ones on Friday. The original schedule will go into effect on Monday and those houses that were missed will be taken care of after that.