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Many Residential Roads Still Untouched By Snowplows

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A lot of the main roads do not look too bad now, but that will change Friday night with refreezing. However, a lot of neighborhood roads are still full of trouble.

Raleigh sent 21 snowplows to neighborhoods all over the city Friday, but it may be awhile before you see pavement in front of your house.

White, fluffy, pristine snow can be beautiful unless you need to go somewhere.

"I knew they wouldn't plow it anytime soon because of the last snow we had in 2000, and it took awhile. They eventually got to it, but the main streets have to come first," resident Jim Devine said.

Residential streets are the last to be plowed, which means if you do not have 4-wheel drive vehicle, you are probably going for a walk in the snow.

"I can get around. I got four wheels and I'm not going anywhere unless I have to," Devine said.

Joseph Clemente has been driving a snowplow in Raleigh for nine years. He said city workers started on residential areas Friday morning.

"It will take another day or two. There are so many subdivisions now," he said.

Many people have been cooped up and they want to get out, but the city is asking people to be patient. Friday night, they will be concentrating on salting main roads to help prevent icy conditions.


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