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Orange County Father, Son Accused Of Operating Dogfighting Ring

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ORANGE COUNTY, N.C. — Investigators will meet with Hillsborough police on Monday to decide what charges should be filed against a father and son accused of operating a dogfighting ring.

Laura Walters of the Animal Protection Society said the scars and injuries on one dog's body tell a story of countless dogfights and unspeakable abuse.

"He's got scars all over his body and face and he's missing teeth," she said. "His leg is unusable, and he has a large wound that's infected."

The dog is one of 11 pit bulls, including three puppies, who are believed to be part of a dogfighting ring in Orange County. Walters said they were living in deplorable conditions.

"There was no food. One dog had a loaf of moldy bread in front of him that he wouldn't eat," she said. "The puppies were shivering and shaking. They weren't warm."

Investigators plan to charge Jerry Lee Compton Sr. and his son, Jerry Lee Compton Jr., with animal cruelty. The dogs were seized from the Compton house in Hillsborough on Friday. Jerry Lee Compton Sr. denies the dogs were abused. He said his son is a breeder.

Jerry Lee Compton Sr. was accused of animal cruelty in March 2000. Now he and his son face serious charges.

A new law goes into effect on New Year's Day that makes it a misdemeanor to restrain dogs in a cruel manner. The law is expected to make it easier to prosecute dogfighting cases.