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Local Company Helps To Put New Face On Times Square Business

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YOUNGSVILLE, N.C. — On New Year's Eve, New York's Times Square takes center stage. A local company has a presence at that famous intersection that is already drawing crowds.

The new Toys R' Us store on Times Square has a flashy wall of images -- 30 feet high and wrapping around the corner. The images change every five minutes. It is all thanks to Diazit of Youngsville, N.C.

"They came to us. They were familiar with our scrolling apparatus and said, 'Can you build us a wall of signs that we can control and have eight or 10 different images or eight to 10 different facades for our store?'" said Tom Stevens, vice president of Diazit.

Diazit did not start out in the sign-making business. In 1964, the company started making its name manufacturing blueprint machines. That same equipment is now cranking out scrolling signs. The 6-foot tall images are the biggest Diazit has ever made, tailored specifically for Toys R' Us.

Advertisers figure a prominent sign in Times Square catches the eye of more than 1.5 million people every day.


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