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Computer Program Provides Perfect Prescription For Doctors, Patients

Posted December 21, 2001 2:49 a.m. EST

— A company based in Research Triangle Park is leading the way in helping manage chronic diseases. A computer program is giving patients and doctors an edge.


HIV is a computer program designed to help both doctors and patients treat HIV. With the new software, doctors get the latest information on new drugs and research in seconds.

TherapyEdge is Web-based, so the data is constantly updated. It also searches for possible complications.

Dr. Bruce McCreedy, president of TherapyEdge, said alerts for drugs that should not be used together and real-time information on lab tests are some examples of what the program can provide.

You can also chart just how well a particular drug is working and compare treatment therapies in other patients. For patients, the program reminds them when to take their medications. Doctor's appointments are entered automatically.

There is even a journal section. Program designers hope it will help patients stick to their medication regimen.

"We're trying to avoid complications, trying to give the patients the best chance to take their medications and be successful with them," Chief Financial Officer Walter Capone said.

In the next few years, TherapyEdge plans to expand its software to cover diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.