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Moses Mathis Gears Up For Annual Bike Giveaway

Posted December 20, 2001 2:07 a.m. EST

— Each year, Moses Mathis fixes donated bikes from across the state and gives them to children.

This year, the number of bikes he will give away is down, not because people did not donate them, but because money donations to fix them are down.

On Saturday, Mathis will give away 550 bikes, about 100 less than last year.

Mathis estimated he would have to turn away about 75 children, until Fayetteville resident Ernest Lund came along.

Lund does not have any kids, but he heard Mathis needed help and donated $1,000.

Mathis and his many volunteer helpers are now working to get as many additional bikes fixed as they can.

Even though the bike giveaway is Saturday, they are committed to working until Christmas Eve so they will not have to turn as many children away.

If you are interested in making a donation, you can call Moses Mathis at home at

(910) 822-2034