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Students Send Messages of Hope, Thanks To U.S. Troops

Posted December 19, 2001 9:27 a.m. EST

— Fifty Raleigh middle schoolers reached outside their school walls Tuesday to offer messages of cheer to soldiers fighting the war on terrorism.

Seventh-graders at Centennial Campus Middle School put their computer skills to work at the invitation of Congressman Bob Etheridge.

Computer screens and keyboards linked the students to American troops away from home for the holidays.

"It's so hard just to be away from your family and away from your friends and you're sitting in some desert in, like, a tent," student Marcus Southern said.

Students have been following the war in Afghanistan by watching the news. They are also aware of the danger involved.

"I just want them to have a safe trip and hope that they will be able to get back sometime soon," student Alison Hoggard said.

Tim's father is deployed with Fort Bragg's Special Forces. He said that his father loves getting mail.

"If it's sent on the Internet, they'll receive it really quick and that might make them think, 'Wow, they really appreciate what I'm doing,'" Tim said.

The students do not know who will be on the receiving end of their messages, they just hope their words make a difference.

Anyone with access to a computer can send a message of support to troops serving overseas.


offers an Internet mailroom for public messages.