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Alcohol-Free Wines Gaining Popularity At Holiday Parties

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RALEIGH, N.C. — 'Tis the season for celebrating and toasting. At many holiday gatherings, that means wine and champagne. But that does not mean alcohol has to be a part of your festivities. Alcohol-free wines are gaining in popularity.

"If you have someone who's either taking medication that interacts with alcohol, is pregnant, or just is choosing not to drink for one reason or another, they can enjoy the same experience of drinking wine without the alcohol," said Mary Paleu of Sutter Home.

Alcohol-free wines start out as regular wine, then the alcohol is filtered out. Sutter Home removes the alcohol in its Fre products by spinning the wine. This separates the alcohol from the wine without affecting the taste.

"It actually still has the same aromas and flavor component that regular wine does," Paleu said.

Of course, tasting is believing.

"It's good. You can't really tell much difference. It doesn't have as strong as a bite," said taster Jessica Clancy.

Studies show Americans drink about as much alcohol in December as in the other 11 months combined.


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