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Military Wives Find Comfort, Support Online

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Whether on post or off, there are plenty of resources available for military wives seeking support while their husbands are deployed. Some wives are turning to the Internet to get help, but some people say approach with caution.

For the past two years, Violet Galloway learned how to assume the roles of being both a father and mother to her two children. Her husband was deployed in Germany. While Galloway sought help at Fort Bragg's Family Services office, she also found support right at her fingertips.

"Spouses can get together in a chatroom, e-mail each other and connect," said Galloway.

Family finances, loneliness and helping children to adjust are just some of the issues military wives face while their husbands are deployed. Social worker Barbara Bosey said the Internet may be helpful in finding information, but she recommends a more reliable source.

"I think the military is doing a very good job in helping families be prepared with family support groups, networking groups, Army community services," she said.

If you choose to go online, the

Military Wife's Resource Page

may be a helpful Web site. It gives women advice on how to prepare for your spouse's deployment.


also gives valuable information for the whole family.