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Durham Hopes E-Mail Survey Will Help Lure Visitors Back To Bull City

Posted December 14, 2001 9:47 a.m. EST

— Businesses that depend on visitors are hurting right now. Fewer people are coming into town for business and pleasure, but Durham is hoping to use local businessmen to lure visitors.

Hotels are just one of the industries that have been hit hard by a sour economy and jitters over traveling since Sept. 11.

"The recession was already looming over us. The shadow was there, but Sept. 11 made it a little more immediate and drastic," said Sam Naghib of Marriott.

Durham has a plan to make sure traffic at hotels like the Marriott picks up, and it starts with the click of a mouse.


Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau

has just kicked off "The Meeting Magnet," -- an e-mail survey being sent to business people across Durham to find out which organizations they belong to.

"By telling us which one they belong to, we can then use that information to contact groups and say when is your next open meeting date and would you like to bring that meeting to Durham," said Shelly Green of the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau started sending the e-mails to business people in Research Triangle Park Friday. They will soon expand the effort to other business people.