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'Vanilla Sky' Has Some Carolina Blue

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A lot of what we see in movies is not real. It is generated on computers by digital and visual effects artists. A Raleigh man helped to create some visual magic for "Vanilla Sky," which opens Friday.

Davey Nethercutt works for Artistic Enterprises, and he helped make "Vanilla Sky" more realistic.

"Artistic Enterprises and Digital Domain set up a work agreement, so we could do some work for them. I actually went out to L.A. to work," he said.

Digital Domain did the digital effects for the movie featuring Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz. While living in California, Raleigh native Nethercutt worked on movie and TV hits like "X-Men" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation." He and his family moved back to the Triangle two years ago.

Nethercutt said what Los Angeles can do, the Triangle can also do.

"We can use the same computers here that we can use in L.A. or Canada or England or wherever," he said.

Artistic Enterprises hopes to cash in on North Carolina involvement in the entertainment industry.

"I believe that it's going to be companies like ourselves that are committed to giving that a strong go or whatever with the right people," said Diana Michelotti, chief executive officer of Artistic Enterprises.

Nethercutt's work on "Vanilla Sky" involved Tom Cruise and comes near the end of the movie. He said the best compliment of a visual effects artist's work is for people to walk out of a theater saying, "What did they do?"


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