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Warm Weather Can Be Good, Bad For Businesses

Posted December 7, 2001 5:19 a.m. EST

— Many businesses have been either praising or lamenting the Triangle's warm temperatures over the past couple of weeks.

It has not felt like December at all lately, which is great for businesses like golf courses.

"The nice weather has brought some people who take off early for lunch," Occoneechee golf pro Greg Barnes said.

On Thursday, the club had twice as many people on the fairways as the same time last year.

"Recently, we have had to call in some extra help on the weekend," Barnes said.

However, the high temperatures make cutting firewood a pretty useless business right now.

"We haven't sold much firewood at all, period," said John Tubilio of Carolina Firewood.

The warm weather is hard on the home heating industry all together.

"This year is down substantially from what it was a year ago," said Jimmy Hamlin of Carolane Gas.

Last year's low temperatures drove propane and natural gas prices up, something homeowners do not have to worry about right now.

"It doesn't put any money in my pocket, but it helps the customers," Hamlin said.

The firewood and gas industries may get their wish for cold weather soon. The temperatures are due to drop this weekend.