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Johnston County Horses Shot At, Injured

Posted December 6, 2001 10:34 a.m. EST

— A Johnston County family is trying to figure out why someone would use their horses for target practice.

Cynthia Simerson said that she noticed that her two quarter horses, Josie and Sassafras, were injured when she went out to feed them on Tuesday morning.

"I got out to the pasture and her eye was about swollen shut," said Simerson.

At first, Simerson thought Sassafras, who is eight months pregnant, had gotten caught in the barbed wire fence.

"Then Josie walked up behind her, with blood just running down her shoulder, just dripping, her nose wide open," Simerson said. "That's when I knew it wasn't fencing, it was some major idiots."

Johnston County investigators said that the horses were shot at with rock salt and buckshot while in an open pasture along Covered Bridge Road.

There are very few houses in the area, and without any witnesses, investigators said that the chances of solving the case are slim.

A veterinarian treating the horses said that it is not likely that Sassafras will lose her foal, but will probably lose an eye.

Simerson said that she and her family will do whatever it takes to nurse the horses back to good health.