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Parents Of Teens Who Died In Murder-Suicide Convicted Of Firearms Charge

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SMITHFIELD, N.C. — The parents of three teens shot to deathin a murder-suicide were sentenced to 45 days in jail Wednesday onmisdemeanor firearms charges.

Nissa Mae Warren and Boyd Kent Warren Jr. had been convicted ofthe charge in Johnston County District Court in September, butappealed to Superior Court. A jury began hearing evidence in thecase Tuesday.

Investigators said the children's mother kept loaded guns in herbedroom and that all three children had been taught to use them.

Nissa Warren, 41, found her three children, Brandon, 14, Kyle,13, and Marnie, 19, shot to death in the family's mobile home July26.

Investigators said Brandon used his mother's rifle to shoot hishalf-sister four times and his brother 11 times before turning thegun on himself.

Nissa Warren and Kent Warren, 43, were found innocent inSeptember of misdemeanor child abuse charges, which had been filedbecause investigators had found their home filled with garbage andanimal waste.

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