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Buying The Perfect Christmas Tree Is All About Freshness

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RALEIGH, N.C. — With the end of Thanksgiving, it is time to start thinking about Christmas and the perfect tree.

Next weekend is usually the busiest time for buying trees, but plenty of people are hitting the Christmas tree lots early.

"We'll wait as long as we can. We usually don't start harvesting until the Monday before Thanksgiving," says Burt Young of B and H Farms.

Tree grower Darrell Worley has pretty good reasoning for starting early.

"If you put it up now, you get to enjoy it for a month. If you wait three weeks, you get to enjoy it for a week," he says.

Experts say the key to making a tree last until Christmas is water.

Worley says the tree should never run dry.

"They'll let that tree harden itself off and then the resin, if it dries, will keep the water from going up the trunk," he said.

Worley says it is also important to look at the bottom of the tree where it was trimmed from the base.

"It should be good and wet. That way, you know it's fresh," he says.